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Learn French with a native French-speaker

French lessons for beginners to advanced level


Each lesson is adapted to your level and your requirements. If you are a beginner, I can teach you the basics of French. If you are at an intermediate or higher level and want to improve your knowledge of the French language, then I can help.

It's not like a class where you are in a group with differing levels. You have a private tutor and personalised tuition.

- So you make rapid progress !

Enjoy French way of life ; improving French You live in France and would like to learn French or improve your French with one-to-one private tuition with a native French teacher so you can integrate and really enjoy the village or town life.

When people arrive they love the holiday-like experience at first but then find that the reality of life in France involves dealing with the administration, banks, insurance agents, builders etc. So you need a good understanding of the French language.

I can help you learn about French culture and help you integrate into real French life. I speak English and French is my native language. I live with a Brit and I'm familiar with the Anglo Saxon culture and so relate easily to my students.

Please don't hesitate to email for any further information.

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Wherever you are in the world, I can give you personal tuition via Skype: more details

Improving your French wherever you are in the world
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